Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Press Fredom ? # 3...Media vs. State

Information about the government’s decision to pull the plug on state advertising in the Stabroek News marks the dawn of a new era in Guyana’s history.

We have seen what has happened in many communist countries, where governments have sought to suppress media that dare to oppose its policies.

Fundamentally, a free press is important in a democracy, but as late the government has sought to chastise the Stabroek News, the only media house known for sound and solid reporting.

Reporters in Guyana have allowed the administration to run a mock of the profession, simply because of disunity that exists even at the Guyana Press Association (GPA).

The Guyana Chronicle and the Kaieteur News live tainted press lives. We have no apologies about that. Some reporters must be blamed also, since many of them are literally in bed with the politicians and can be called upon to report a good story about any of them.

With the exception of Stabroek News and Capitol News, no other media house has taken a stance on an issue without a hidden agenda. At one time the Kaieteur News appeared to be taken a firm position against pornographic pictures of young girls.

Though this is unacceptable, those in high society know why they went after the sons of a popular city business.

There are so many young girls and boys that have been terrorized by serving government ministers, yet no reporter has gone after these people.

Female ministers have trashed males, yet nothing has been reported.

The reporters attend their Christmas parties and yes, snack away at their media conferences.

The media has been bought, so the government is now moving to buy the only independent media house left, the Stabroek News.

Just take a look around and see what eventually happens when one refuses to say all good things about the Jagdeo government…

Roger Moore, gone!

Basil Bradshaw, tamed!

Mark Benschop, jailed!

Clem David, insignificant!

Final word!