Monday, July 23, 2007

Nandlall VS Glenn Lall

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After fight rules, the bell rings...Ping Ping Ping!!!

Attorney-at-law Anil Nandlall has deemed "malicious and vindictive" a report carried in yesterday's edition of Kaieteur News (KN) and says that the report was printed because that newspaper's publisher, Glen Lall, has a vendetta against him, a claim which Lall denied when contacted by this newspaper.

The report carried in yesterday's KN was headlined, "Anil Nandlall's car sparks accident on East Bank Highway" with the sub-head saying that the police were seeking him. The report stated that a Ministry of Housing and Water vehicle was in the Providence Police Station compound following a collision with the attorney's car last week.

It stated that Nandlall was a passenger in the vehicle which was driven by someone else and following the accident an ambulance was called since they were both "covered in blood". It said that both the men "appeared to be extremely intoxicated and rudely refused the help of the ambulance". The report further stated that the police "have not been able to contact Nandlall or the driver for statements".

Yesterday, the attorney told Stabroek News that an accident indeed occurred two weeks ago in which he was a passenger in a friend's car. He said that he was not injured at all and the friend suffered a minor injury to the head. He noted that the police were informed and the matter has since been settled and the friend's car released. He denied that he and the driver were intoxicated and stating that he was an attorney practising in courts throughout Guyana declared "I am well known to the police so to allege that the police want to find me or are looking for me is completely wicked and malicious".

While it was stated in the sub-head of the news item that the police wanted to find Nandlall the text of the news item did not refer to this. Nandlall said that he had subsequently gone to the Providence Magistrate's Court, located in the same compound as the Providence Police Station and had even spoken to the rank investigating the incident.

When asked for a comment on the story when Stabroek News finally managed to contact him at 2:25 pm yesterday afternoon, Lall said that he hadn't seen his newspaper or the story as yet and "I don't have a clue what he talking about, not a clue."

Nandlall alleged "The publisher of Kaieteur News has launched a malicious and vindictive campaign against me because I represented someone in court who successfully sued the Kaieteur News and was awarded judgment in the sum of a few million dollars. On many occasions thereafter, the publisher of KN has repeatedly told me that he will 'deal with me' in his newspaper".

He said that a few days ago he had an argument with Lall and the publisher called an employee on his phone and reportedly told the employee to remind him to speak to his staff the following day "about Anil Nandlall".

The attorney further said that last Thursday while he was in court, Lall called and spoke to his secretary and "cursed and abused her and asked her to tell me that I have caused the electricity supply to be disconnected to his premises and that he will deal with me". Questioned on this Lall said that his electricity had "never been disconnected" and "I think he dreaming". "My electricity was never disconnected, I don't know what that man is talking about, maybe he dreaming", Lall asserted.

He said that he was not pursuing any "vendetta" against the attorney. "No, no I am not going down that road and I would never do that to anybody", he stated.

Meanwhile, Nandlall said that upon learning of what had transpired he called his brother, a senior functionary at the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), who he said was on leave at the time and enquired whether the electricity had indeed been disconnected.

"My brother informed me that a few weeks ago GPL officials inspected the Saffon Street office of Kaieteur News and found that the meter at that premises was tampered with. GPL then back-billed the KN for $5M which is the estimated sum consumed but not recorded because of the meter tampering", the attorney declared.

He added that the publisher went into the power company's offices and agreed to pay the sum within a given period but the time expired without the money being paid, hence the disconnection of the power to the building.

He said that following that Lall went into GPL to speak to his (Nandlall's) brother and was informed that he was on leave. "He left a card with my brother's secretary and told her to deliver that card to her boss. It was his call card. At the back was written the expletiveaves", the attorney asserted.

Lall, while reiterating that the electricity had never been cut off admitted that he had spoken to Nandlall's brother, but "I can't even remember what I tell he" adding that he didn't know that they were related. Asked whether the allegation that he had left a card with the expletive written at the back was accurate he said that he had indeed left his card. Pressed as to whether an expletive was written on the card he replied "probably". Asked to clarify that response he then said "I don't know" adding that "he did something very malicious".

Nandlall, meanwhile, declared that the publisher had jumped to the conclusion that he had caused his brother to disconnect the electricity.

"This is ridiculous and completely wrong and the publication of this article is Glen Lall pursuing a declared campaign of vendetta against me to tarnish my character and reputation. This is a man who is using his press to damnify persons maliciously and for vindictive reasons. I intend to launch legal proceedings against him", the attorney declared.

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