Wednesday, May 06, 2009


My songs are not smiling songs.

Lets face it, Peter Morgan has a wonderful voice, but his brother Gramps has powerful vocals - a riviting voice that touches your inner being. Perhaps Timeka Marshall and her manager/sweet man should have taken this into consideration.

We maybe wrong, but that Marshall girl is heading for distruction faster than a hijacked plane aiming for the twin towers. At the pace she is going, she is likely to burn out. Look at her TV a video humping at a bar. Then she produces a single that made her look like a confused teenage girl. If you were a guy, you felt guilty not knowing for sure if she is over the age of consent. There she was, trying to seduce a guy. Not sure that she fits the script of a seducer.

Not satisfied with that video, she gets even more bitchy in her duo with Peter Morgan. Some critics say she took the song to send a message to her BF, Mr. Hayden. True or not, we don't care. Again, her teenage voice and looks just didn't fit the script of the video. That Marshall girl needs to cut her own image. She needs to cut a softer image because the Marshall we know is not an 'in your face' character. Her management is trying to potray her as the next Rihanna or Beyonce, but in reality her persona fits the softer, more relaxed Etana or perhaps Alicia Keys.

We await her next single.


  1. I agree with yu with regards to her lyrical content and I too have heard that she is living that song as she is currently parading all over the place over there in Jamaica with a married man.....bad look for this little girl...someone rescue her!!!!

  2. Marshall really needs help indeed. She looks a bit loss.

  3. please leave the world's next top model alone. She is cute, sexy and lord knows she can sing. Haters!

  4. She needs more voice training or something. Instead of parading in dem videos she should be home working with Gem to improve her vocals. Beauty will not cut it on the international stage. Men will fuck u and leave you to the wayside.

  5. Who is this married guy we keep hearing about? Come on 360 spill the news.

  6. Mek unnu muss so bloodclaa badmind and wicket ... nuh put u bad mouth pon her man... mek she buss weh big big n unnu a mek noise bout guyanna guyanna guyanna timeka marshall guyanna...