Thursday, October 01, 2009

Run Kwame Run....

Kwame McCoy leaves town

October 1, 2009 | By KNews | Filed Under News

Information Liaison to the President, Kwame McCoy, who is embroiled in a controversy over a recorded conversation purportedly to involve him soliciting sexual favours from a 15-year-old boy, has left the city.

Yesterday he touched down at Lethem at the border with Brazil. He is heading to Brazil and is likely to end up in Venezuela.

However, Kaieteur News has been informed that McCoy, who boarded a Trans Guyana flight which left the Ogle Airport at 10:43 hrs yesterday, arrived at Lethem under an “assumed name” and not his known name.

Since news reports linked the adult voice making advances to the minor to McCoy, the President’s L:iaison officer proceeded on annual leave which was due to him.

McCoy reportedly went on leave last Wednesday. Permanent Secretary within the Office of the President Dr Nanda Gopaul did not return Kaieteur News’s call seeking confirmation on this.

McCoy was at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri, on Monday when President Bharrat Jagdeo returned to Guyana after high levels meetings in the United States.

The President told reporters, soon after, that he would look into the McCoy matter and would make a determination on McCoy’s fate once he was fully briefed.

On Monday, activist Mark Benschop delivered a copy of the recording to the Office of the President.

When McCoy landed at Lethem yesterday, sources told Kaieteur News that he was picked up by an official of the ruling People’s Progressive Party.

McCoy’s departure from Georgetown came a day after Chief Justice Ian Chang dismissed an injunction McCoy had brought against Kaieteur News, Prime News and Capitol News, to prevent the media houses from “further publishing words or images that have the effect of insinuating or suggesting that Kwame McCoy is involved in acts of child molestation and sexual predation on minors until the determination of a summons to continue injunction.”

McCoy was also seeking damages in excess of $50M from each of the named defendants for what he calls libel.


  1. Don't expect the President to say much on the matter either way, as he himself is about to be exposed in quite the saucy scandal, what with him being the current butt of all jokes in the Dominican Republic's political establishment. Apparently, the president is currently heavily involved in a raunchy phone/blackberry/pc cybersexual relationship with a High Profile cuban escort living in the Dominican Republic (A country notorious for its many illegal intelligence gathering outfits) and the escort's unemployed husband and father of her children has already made himself quite a mint offering exclusive contracts and swindling people of good monies by offers of future government licenses through the auspices of his talented wife and her even more generous patron, President Jagdeo. When the Dominican press exposes it, expect the fire to spread quite quickly, I really don't think he'll be up for much public moral grandstandings. :)

  2. So lets review - Who are the Bugger Men in the PPP?

    -Bharat Jagdeo
    -Kwayne McKoy
    -Anand Persaud
    -Brian Young
    -Maniram Prashad
    -Odinga Lumumba
    -Robert Persaud - use to bugger in small days

    Who else?

  3. Did you know Robert Persaud loves a lil buggerin on the side?

  4. Oh skunt Kwayne done run and come back and yet yuh skunt ain't update this blog, like is you skunt doing deh running or wha?

  5. Is this blog dead? There have been no update during the past month.