Thursday, July 06, 2006

98.1 too hot FM as Fire breaks out at Former GBC location

Fire of unknown origin today damaged a section of Broadcasting House.

The blaze apparently started in the area of Studio B or the Archive.

It is hardly likely that the cause of the fire might have been electrical because the electricity supply has been disconnected.

The guards have admitted that drug addicts and other vagrants often illegally enter the abandoned building.

No one was injured or died during the late morning fire.

Firemen used water from the nearby Princess Street canal and, equipped with a power saw and axes, successfully contained the blaze.

Several past employees of GBC, including some who are now working with its successor National Communications Network, turned up at their former work place.

Many of them lamented that the building was not being preserved and the viewing and discovery of several tape-recorded programmes and musical records also raised concerns about efforts being made to preserve Guyana's audio history.

Broadcasting House was built in 1955 by then Rediffiusion and housed Radio Demerara, Guyana Broadcasting Service, Guyana Broadcasting Corporation and National Communications Network-- all basically radio station operations and the administrative offices.