Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is the US the Government in Guyana?

As much as we love the fear of living in the US hoping that another major building is not hit, we just can't seem to understand why a Government that prides its self as a democracy must be sticking their noses into our business.

The recent revocation of our Acting Commissioner of Police, Henry Green US visa on the heels of Roger Khan's controversial capture sends a clear signal that the US is prepared to cunningly manipulate our affairs.

The entire country knows that Greene will take over as Commissioner but it seems that the US has a problem with that.

So instead of openly stating their position, the US resorts to public pressure and embarrasement.

The US is making a mockery of Guyana because as we newspaper vendor Danny would say..."We need a bad ass Government with balls"

The US said it was willing to issue Khan a visa for him to travel to the states to answer drug charges, now Greene is without a visa.

We hear that since the US offer Khan a visa, a man and he wife get caught with drugs at the Airport.

This was a different bust...the couple just tun up and show dem customer officer de drugs and say how they import before to the US. Dem bet dem bottom dollar they woulda a get fuh go the states but they were thrown into the local jail instead.

Well Mr. Greene you neeed to explain to the country, what ill u did? What links you joined?

But for us, before the feds start hacking our computers, we go lef them to the mercies of the almighty.