Sunday, April 29, 2007

Unethical Andrea!

Andrea is a sassy looking floor manager for NCN's Guyana Today show but she needs to be thought a lesson or two on etiquette or the dos and don'ts of being on television. She is used to being so much behind the scenes that now when she is allowed to be in front of the cameras she literally wants to gobble up all the attention.

Some nerve you have Andrea that you stick your spoon in every food of container at the Indian Trade Fair and then stick it in your mouth repeatedly. Container after container, the same spoon you stick in your mouth. Shameful and disgusting! These are the same containers of food that we will have to eat from if we turned up at the same stall you were advertising.

Couldn’t you just allow some one to take out a bit from each bowl and place it into a saucer of some sorts, than to have you just dipping one spoon in each container? Gee we wonder how much they pay you. You need to make a public apology sister.

This is what Guy TV has become. Schuuups!

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