Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We're back!!!

We’re back and so is heeeh haaah, heeeh haaah.

It feels as if we have awoken in the middle of a movie by the horror master himself, Steven King. Like Morgan Freeman in Dream Catcher we have been plunged into a horrifying struggle with a creature from another world.
That creature is Guyana, one of the more picturesque places one would surely like to call home, but for most of the times, its hell on earth.
A good friend of ours would remind us regularly that God had plans for Guyana, but like his pastor would say, the man above works in mysterious ways, even those who claim to have a good relationship with the Supreme Being sometime marvel at his works.
Our Friend is head-strong in his belief that God has plans to make Guyana the hell’s pit.
He said look around, there is plenty space and more leaving, even the donkey that end up at the Cheddie Jagan International Airport, Sharma said wants to leave.. But its more like Only a donkey would want to come here.
Now that’s another talking point.
We never wanted to put Guyana in disrepute as soon as we returned to the super highway.
Nonetheless, that donkey some of us saw at the CJIA, is now a popular beast, after many tourists who were in Guyana for cricket took photos of him, one appeared on KN’s front page today.
Its not that the donkey is trying to leave, but he is actually just landed and was waiting to be picked up like many overseas based Guyanese, who relatives sometimes leave stranded despite the little Uncle Sam dollar they send back.
But as one lady who sat two rows in front of us on our flight said, that donkey is part of the hospitable welcome at the CJIA. She said what struck her is that the darn beast just stood there and said nothing and, didn’t even offer her a garland.

Guyana’s Tourism is “Giddying Up.” And we are happy to be in Guyana and we will Giddy Up on this heeee heee heee blog.

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