Thursday, June 21, 2007

CIOG to the rescue

On June 27th/2007, Three Rivers Kids Foundation in collaboration with the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) will be taking 9 children from Guyana to India for much needed medical treatment.

Six of the nine children will be having open heart surgeries to correct serious heart defects, another will be under going neurosurgery to remove a tumor from the brain in order to save her vision, another will be having a large cyst removed from her liver and one will be undergoing diagnostic testing and treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome. These children will be treated at Max Devki Devi Heart and Vascular Institute, Saket, Delhi , The same hospital where the last batch of children were treated in November, 2006. These children will be returning to Guyana on July 26th/2007.

Three of the children with cardiac abnormalities have already developed complications such as Pulmonary Artery Hypertension (PAH) and cardiomegaly as a result of not having correctional surgery earlier. Dr. Viresh Mahajan, Peadiatric Cardiologist and Dr. Anil Bhan, Peadiatric Cardiac Surgeon will be performing the cardiac surgeries. Dr. Mahajan and Dr. Bahn are both very experienced in treating children with PAH. Dr. Mahajan has successfully treated many children with severe PAH who were deemed inoperable using a special banding technique and medications. His expertise in this area of cardiac treatment is well recognized and documented. He was one of only three Cardiologists in the world whose work was chosen for oral presentation in Philadelphia on Friday, June 1st/ 2007, and is a finalist for the Outstanding Investigator Award.

The three children who are not cardiac cases will be under the care of a team of doctors including Dr. Sandeep and Dr. Meera Lutra.

The children who will benefit from this exercise are Sarah Pasha, age 2 years from La Grange, W.B.D., Shiraz Ali age 4 years from Springland Berbice, Lijana James age 15 months from Berbice, Dian Persaud age 9 years from Straathavon Cane Grove, Varsha Chatterpaul age 18 months from 64 Village Corentyne Berbice, Trinity Leslie age 7 years from Timheri, Marlon King age 5 years from Georgetown, Khemlall Persaud age 7 years from 54 Village Corentyne Berbice and Divanie Ramdeen age 3 years from Edingburg Villlage East Bank Berbice. Six of the children will be accompanied by their mothers and two by their grandmothers. Zaheeda Hack, registered nurse from Guyana will accompany the group to London . Jeanette Singh, a registered nurse and president of Three Rivers Kids Foundation, Toronto Canada will accompany the group to India from London .

The projected cost of this mission will be approximately US $70,000. This include air fares for the children and their mothers and the cost for medical treatment for all the children. However, the final cost will not be known until all the surgeries have been completed.

"We are very committed to helping the sick children from Guyana who cannot be treated in their homeland." said Jeanette Singh. “In less than 2 years, we have helped 31 children and gave them a chance to live normal lives." "We are working with some of the best doctors in India in all areas of medicine."

Three Rivers Kids Foundation would like to express sincere thanks and profound gratitude for the help and support of our partners and associates, namely CIOG, without which this mission would not be possible. In particular, we would like to thank Br. Fazeel Ferouz and Fayann Resally from Guyana and Fazil Yussuf from CIOG Toronto Branch.

Sincere thanks to His Excellency Mr. Wheeler, British High Commissioner assisting with the visas for the group.
Special thanks to the Government for their support, financial and otherwise.

Heartfelt thanks to all our kind donors who donated funds to assist with this mission Especially Pandit Doobay and Omo Persaud from Vishnu Mandir in Toronto, Tallim Baccus, Pandit Bhola and members from Shiva Shankar Bhawan, Scarborough, Pandit Lokhnath, Pandit Chunilall and Dr. Dhanpaul from New York, Dave Pahuja from Lotus Loans, Dr. Gavin Jagan and Rohan Hiralal, Baracara Quarries of Guyana, Faizul Haniff from London for arranging accommodation for the group. Sincere gratitude to all the people who donated towards this worthy cause from Toronto New York and Guyana .


Fazeel M Ferouz & Jeanette Singh
President CIOG and President Three Rivers Foundation.


  1. Why go all the way to India when Cuba is in our backyard and have some of the best medical providers in the world.

    Also Cuba have been assisting Guyanese medically for decades.

  2. Does the families of these kids have to pay anything for this to happen?