Monday, June 25, 2007

Stella, Stella, Stella!

Kaiteur News Columnist, Freddie Kissoon once wrote that Stella was loosing her groove. After this calamitous commentary, we submit that her groove disappeared a long time, probably when UB 40 released "Grovin"

But, who is Stella Ramsaroop?

She is the wife of Paul Ramsaroop, who incidentally is the brother of Peter Ramsaroop, a chauvinistic specimen of mankind. Anyway, Stella seems to be grooving in the upper corridors of the society, after all she is dining in the United States with her husband and who knows, maybe sipping tea with Queen Elizabeth.

There is something screwed about her analysis on topical issues confronting Guyana. Unlike Peeping Tom and crazy ole’ Uncle Freddie, Stella is out of sync with what is really taking place in Guyana. Her sexiest overtones in almost every publication are over bearing. Come on Stella, where do you live? In the US, Canada, UK.

Stella!!! Stop enforcing on this humble third world society, the views of the first world nations that are responsible for the wars, suffering, torture and global warming.

Despite her best efforts to bring a sense of decorum and logical debate to the pages of KN, your ramblings always seem to degenerate into trivial sexiest appeals.

Launching a vicious attack on the open world of blogging is uncalled for and certainly outside her knowledge. Stella could have tried her hand at the changing role of women in the Guyanese society and how women in the first world nations are treated as oppose to those in the third world.

But, no…grooving Stella had to bring some pictures of women on livinguyana to the attention of 12,000 ordinary citizens, who couldn’t care if the Americas II cable shuts down again.

While recognizing the role of blogs has changed so much that many of them are used as official news sources, we still believe that a blog is one’s diary and perspective. Stella missed the whole nine yards, by giving nothing else but cheap publicity to livinguyana. This wonderful blog copies and paste the photos that jabbed Stella. Photos that can be found on a website that continually highlight the latest entertainment scenes in the city.

Instead of attacking the right source, Stella focuses on livinguyana as she attempts to once again promote her sexiest views. Come on Stella lets examine the entertainment industry in the US and its connection to the latest trend here.

Stella we are off to watch Whitney Houston in “How Stella got her groove back!”

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