Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Serious Internet Radio

DEMERARA WAVES - Guyana's Crest of Truth

Surfing around on the Internet and found this rather interesting site, controlled by someone trying to opose the government's strangle hold on radio. Very clever! However, their first interview fell short of good taste. One Lloyd King interviewed Mr. Tacuma Ogunseye, a washed-up rag of the barely breathing Working People's Alliance (WPA).

According to the website, DEMERARA WAVES- is Guyana's premier source for current affairs analysis that you will never get anwywhere else. We wish you guys luck.

"DEMERARA WAVES- the forerunner to our On-Air radio station whenever the Guyana government ends its decades-old monopoly- goes beneath the deep murky waters of Guyanese life to bring you content that you will never get anywhere. We aim to blend the basic information with context and backgroud to bring home to you the relevance of the issues and events as they unfold. Such analysis will aid us and our listeners to make reasonable predictions and rational decisions about evolving aspects of Guyanese life. DEMERARA WAVES is operated by a select group of professionals onshore and offshore Guyana with the aim of bringing you the stories behind the news and forecasts of newsy stories to come. We're committed to providing fair and balanced content within the confines of decency, and free of libel and slander."

P.S. These guys have ambition to open an on-air radio station. Free up the airwaves!

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