Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tourism routing

About two weeks ago, Tourism Minister Manniram Prashad proudly announced that he was hosting a major tourism conference. He forgot to mention that it was yet another talk shop and in deed it could have been worst, save the appeal by President Bharrat Jagdeo that the event should not go through debating things already identified as needed.

As someone that has witnessed the blue waters of the Caribbean and the awesome Disney rides in Orlando, I feel compelled to bark at the tourism nonsense occurring in Guyana.

The debate about miniature interventions such as casino gambling should not be. There is need for the Government to make major interventions.

President Jagdeo we implore that you abolish the post of Tourism Minister and appoint a Presidential advisor, someone who had the experience of serving one of the islands in the Caribbean.

We applaud Manzoor Nadir, the former Tourism Minister. At least he seemed to have a head on his shoulder. The present Minister appears to be running around like a headless chicken. Until the President could appoint a workaholic like Robert Persaud or someone firm like Mosses Nagamootoo, the position should be abolished.

Wake up! There is no significant Tourism taking place here, hence there is no need for a Minister. It is a waste of taxpayers’ money. I could hardly wait for your much promised Cabinet reshuffle Mr. President.

Ignore the skeptics Mr. President, once you build it they will come. Jamaica and Trinidad has crime, yep tourists and celebrities flock there. It appears that from the unrealistic monies budgeted to advertise the product, that the Government is not serious about Tourism.

We understand the thinking behind it. While the monies will flow into the private sector, I am sure that with greater circulation the masses will be contented. Guyana could capitalize on the negative press that was bestowed during the last three weeks since that terror plot was uncovered. As part of defending Guyana’s image and the Muslim community, the President should have stitched in the fact that Guyana remains a beautiful place to visit, forever welcoming to Americans.

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