Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The 11th Commandment


The Alliance For Change expresses alarm and concern at reports of a Minister of the PPP/C government being involved in a bar brawl, and moreover, that there was reckless and inappropriate use of a vehicle and firearm such as to cause a breach of the peace on or about the 17th November, 2007, on the East Coast of Demerara.

Notwithstanding the reluctance or unwillingness of the victim of the alleged assaults to proceed with a criminal complaint, the Guyana Police Force, as protector of the public safety, has a duty to pursue this matter diligently and to lay charges if the statements submitted by members of the public establish that there was the likely commission of criminal offences.

The AFC calls on the main opposition party to confront the government on this issue and it is suggested that an opportune time to do so would be during upcoming talks to be held between His Excellency the President, and the Leader of the Opposition. The failure or refusal of the authorities to uphold the laws of the country strikes at the very heart of the observance of the rule of Law in Guyana. It is one thing to pursue relentlessly, and prosecute, the poor and helpless for having expired licensing documents for vehicles, or uncustomed liquor and drinks at Stabroek Market, and yet another, to have blatant violations of the law and ethics of the National Assembly violated. Justice cannot be one-sided or blind. The AFC is prepared to support any initiative led by the main opposition party to have the relevant Minister and Member of Parliament censured and sanctioned by the Assembly.

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