Monday, November 19, 2007

Killaman Lall...stars in Wild, Wild Guyana.

Today news that a Minister had whipped out his firearm and discharged a few rounds at a young man who is having an affair with one of his many ex-women, was on ever lip all across the country. It was an epic rum bar showdown without any of the scorned men having to take ten paces.

Imagine a Minister of the Government fighting over an ex-gurl. How much more jealous can he be.

The story published in the Kaieteur News did not name the Minister, but we will reveal that Minister right here without fear of contradiction, even as you patiently wait on other bloggers to do so.

This is you know this gun-toting Minister?

All smiles after embarrassing the Government!!!

If you said Minister Clement Rohee, you are wrong. If your guess was Minister Henry Jeffery, you are dead wrong. Worst yet, if you even harboured a thought that the man above is Minister Kellowan Lall, believe us you are far from reality.

The foregone photo is actually that of Guyana's newest Minister of Local Government, Killaman Lall, who belives he is the next Sheriff in Georgetown...Maybe he was practicing on how to bulldoze his way through the City Constable and push out Ole' Mayor Green from Town hall.

He still needs some more practice, because all he hit that night of the brawl were a few stars above.

We here at Guyana360 are very concerned about the safety of the Minister. His wife committed suicide after attempting to shoot him.

Now that he attempted to shoot someone and also missed, what will he attempt next?

The police needs to ensure that his firearm is revoked and his license scrapped immediately. This is the only way that the force can correct its misdeeds by arresting the man that the Minister actually shot at. Talk about protection of citizens.


  1. Let me just clarify, I have no alliance to any political party, but I am sitting quietly watching, but what choice do we have, if you remove these idiots from government, legally, group of the same will fill there place. There days are numbered. Thrust me