Monday, November 19, 2007

Odinga Safe...but Cabinet makes strange decision

Odinga, one of the President's henchmen is resting comfortably at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Georgetown Public Hospital after his speeding vehicle flew off the road some where at Hope along the East Coast of Demerara . Up to this afternoon relatives were hoping (no pun intended) to move him to a private facility since they realised that the public hospital is where you go to spend your last few days on earth.

For some strange and unimaginable reason we just cant figure out yet, the entire Cabinet has recommended to doctors that he remains at the ICU. Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon enlightened the media today at his Post Cabinet media briefing...

"Government is continuing its monitoring of the situation and is prepared to recommend to doctors at a inconvenient and inappropriate time another course of action which may involved having Mr. Odinga transferred to another Hospital. As Cabinet Secretary, I am obligated to assure the nation that all tender board procedures will be adhered to during this entire operation to ensure that not only BK is rewarded a contract...In the meantime we have appointed a new adviser on empowerment in Mr. Joseph O'Lall."

It will be days before we know to what extent Odinga has been affected, but doctors tell us that he may have permanent spinal damage. How sad, for a man that acts like Mr. Superman and who is almighty, so much so that he Ko'ed another boxing promoter right before the eyes of the President, yet remained a faithful adviser. As news spread of Odinga's demise, we heard from many former pageant contestants, who sang praises believing that the accident may have been an act ordained by God. As one of those women told us "Payback is a bitch".

But, as a person close to Government, "Dinga" as Six Heads call him, should have known better than to have his driver pelt down the road after a rugged Cabinet Outreach to Berbice. Those in Government appeal to us to be careful on the roads and what do they do...lick down, lash up and bruck up. We expect that charges to be pressed against the driver of the vehicle shortly.

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