Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where is SASOD???

Kevin Jordan

While we will not advocate violence against Mr. Jordan in public, we strongly believe that people of this ilk should be shipped off to the USA and enjoy a more liberal society. SASOD, a local group of faggots have criticised about every reggae singer that enters Guyana over perceived anti-gay lyrics, yet they sit and refuse to put pen to paper when young boys are victimised. FIRE!!!


  1. I quite agree. Where is SASOD and their condemnation of this horrific act of molestation. Can we interpret SASOD's silence as supporting child (boys) molestation?

  2. Wow.. so wait, do you guys make comments for every single act of heterosexual rape and domestic violence condemned..
    Check SASOD's submission on the Sexual Offences legislation at and see where they ask for the age of consent to be raised to 18 years and for penalties for the kind of obscenity Mr Jordan was accused of

  3. Now I've heard everything. What sort of lowlife would use a terrible tragic situation to put the jack boot into SASOD. God save Guyana from such ugly bigots that would stoop to use a tragedy for their own hateful agendas.

  4. very thinly veiled attempt to hide your homophobia under the guise of pretending to care about this victim...i checked out the blogspot suggested above and it seems that sasod has been advocating against this very sort of thing for some time now. and btw - i'm pretty sure sasod has to have some 'dykes' in it too, not only 'faggots', u misogynistic, homophobic agitator...