Tuesday, June 27, 2006

GPA fraud suspected

We will have to buy some rat poison from "cross-eye" because the smell of rats is everywhere.

It is now over at the Guyana Press Association (GPA) according to the folks over at Livinguyana (Click Link). We simple cannot understand why in this dear land of ours have the members of GPA allow a group of people to run a mock of the organisation.

This unholy situation is taking place at a time when the members of the GPA themselves are reporting on a fraud at GPL. We have noticed that Prime News was the first one to break this GPL fraud and Prime News is also where the President of the GPA holds a significant amount of shares.

Questions must be asked of the current executives as to why such a problem has not been fixed for the time they were in office.

Talk name has it that non of the current executives are likely to run for re-election and we wonder why?

The door is certainly open for speculations. We will launch our own investiagtions to see if we can come up with any evidence to suggest that a white-collar crime has occurred in the GPA.