Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This looks like a scam...screem for the police...

Below is the exact text of a mail that was sent to us for us to give money....don't be duped.

Dear Guyana,

We have just recently entered our second year online, and I want to take a moment to ask you for your support of our free service.

Putfile has experienced a rapid rate of growth and development over the past year, growing from a small image hosting site to an enormous free multimedia hosting community with over 12 million uploads.

Putfile is run by a group of volunteers who donate their time providing everything from software development to server management and content moderation.

We strive to create a safe and fun environment for people of all ages to enjoy. As part of this quality experience Putfile does not employ the use of flashing adverts or annoying popups, whilst using such advertising media could cover the shortfalls in our budget they would most certainly damage the user experience.

With bandwidth and server hardware bills continually growing at a rapid rate, we now need your support more than ever. Please consider a generous donation so that we can raise the funds needed to keep us online and further improve our free services.

To make a donation please visit: http://www.putfile.com/donate.php

Thank you from all of us at Putfile!

Guyana360: Do you smell something?...We do, we smell a rat. We recieved this by mail asking for donation. Like Guyanese seem to like getting rip off so people come with all sorts of mind boggling ways to fleece them of their hard earn cash. Who are these volunteers and where are they?

We will just not fall for this scam and hope that many others don't either...By the way all of this is happening as police and army remain blinded by the search for stolen guns and other illigal items.