Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Question Time with Julia J

When will our local media practitioners be able to ask probing questions of our local officials?

Julia J tried yesterday when the army and police swooped down on Oliver Hinkson and Gibson.

As far as Channel 9’s signal could go and based on the fact that it covers most of the highly populated areas, it means that over 100,000 persons probably watched Prime News last night.

Now with so many people watching, Roger Khan included, (Looking to see what the U.S and Joint Services are doing) Julia J pops the million dollar question to one of the Army officials.

Julia J: What is next in the search for the missing guns?

Guyana 360: Julia J popped a nursery school child’s question. She could not have expected the army official to say what their next moves were with many people tuned in. She must have been playing the dream.

None of the reporters have picked up Khan or the Government on statements made by Khan that he is prepared to testify to a commission of inquiry.

In fact none of the reporters have sought to ask the PNCR if they have a driver by the name of omadelly or another person named Mike as Mentioned on the taped telephone conversations.

Come on Reporters ask them tough searching questions.