Friday, July 25, 2008

'The Jagdeo Wolf Pack'

Robert Corbin (right), who is the President's Minister of Political Affairs
holding secret talks with President Bharrat Jagdeo at State House before the
Guyanese leader departed the country recently. Corbin's position has
remained secret until this photo was made available. However, when in
sheep's clothing, Corbin masquerades as the Opposition Leader hell bent
on opposing the Government. His loyalty to the PNCR has been questioned
since he has failed to effectively cause any change in the Government's
position. We still have 16 % VAT, unsolved murders, the head of the
Phantom Squad serving as a diplomat, and most importantly, Guyana
will successfully host CARIFESTA despite a promise from Corbin that
the event will be disrupted.

Meet Carvil Duncan, a trades unionist that claims to champion the
rights of hundreds of Guyanese workers. His position in the secret
Jagdeo Cabinet comes as no surprise, since he has long shown an
affection for the PPP. Duncan is the Minister of Labour, who is there
to agree with whatever the President decides, even at the expense
of workers who are poorly paid. Duncan climbs into the wolf pack
having recently pretend to challenge Corbin for the leadership
of the Guyana Labour Union (GLU). the battle was well
choreographed since they both run together in the President's
wolf pack.

Up until recently, this popular journalist was seen as the voice of truth.
However, during the recent Gordon Moesely fiasco, his sheep skin
got worn out and his wolf eyes started to peep through. He is non other
than Adam Harris. His role in the Jagdeo wolf pack is similar to an
Information Minister, who ensures that the President's plans and
decisions gain acceptance though his writings in the press.
Today, Harris is the editor of the Kaieteur News, a publication he
uses to push the President's agenda in various columns scattered
throughout the pages of both the daily and Sunday Special of the publication.
While he would seemingly disapprove of Government Minister's position on certain issues,
he never pens a whiff of negativity against the President. A former
senior information officer under the Burnham regime, Harris'
loyalty to the seat of Presidency is all too familiar for him to be
masquerading as a journalist up to this day. More wolves in the
Jagdeo pack will be revealed soon as more sheep continue to sell
their soul.


  1. yu really come back with a BANG! good works bro, good works. expose nuff mo ah dem money-hungry jackasses.

  2. aadam harris fucking ugly bai.oh skunt, like he is another 'labba lip'(gmc's words)

  3. This blogger aint easy...That is why Adam does deh asking de President dem easy questions.