Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wolves in sheep's clothing

Which ever PPP stooge wrote this editorial over at Guyana Times should have published such filth in the Guyana Chronicle, which will definitely end up being flushed down one of the over 600 toilets that QAII obtained concessions for through a bogus deal with the PPP Government.

Now that we have mentioned it, it comes as no surprise that Guyana Times has published an editorial written by a PPP lackey. As one of the subsidiaries listed in the fraudulent concession deal which was signed by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, Guyana Times is duty bound to support the President's branding of the Guyana Press Association as an opposition force.

Of course, Guyana Times fails to recognise that some of its members of staff hold key positions in the GPA and often influence decisions taken by the association, and even reporters are members of the GPA. Their dues help to support the function of the body. Any sensible editor at a paper would know this and would think twice to side with a dictatorial Government on the banning of a reporter. Guyana Times on its own has also engage in selective disciplinary actions, choosing to send a female staffer home for a week because she choose to join her fellow journalist in walking out on an assignment. However, another female reporter had taken a similar position just days earlier, but that reporter was never disciplined because she is very close to members of the Jagdeo cabinet.

Of course, Guyana Times would suggest that if a reporter has a problem with the President, they should take it up with the President and not involve other reporters who are seeking to hold true to the principles of the profession. The confrontational politics of Burnham have returned in full swing.

Of course, Guyana Times will find it fit to point out that the walk out by journalists will deprive the public of much needed information about the Government, especially health-related. But, that point is counter-productive since the President himself is depriving a journalist of providing the public with information. If the editorial team over at Guyana Times wants to share information with the public, then it would be wise to begin disclosing the ludicrous deal they signed with the Government to get concessions. That will be a step in the right direction - a step towards public trust and unbiased coverage of important issues. Unless they are wolves in sheep's clothing.


  1. What skunt, bloggers poking dem nose where it aint belong. Somebody will bite it.

  2. yu does prappa sleep fu long bro. anyway, welcome back. i have a couple of questions for you though, what yu think about that drunkie fool adam harris writing in the kn about BUGdeo being right fu ban moseley? yu think he( drunkie adam) is a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'? yu think anybady gon still get respect fu the mook? do you think ppl are right to sell their souls for a few dollars? please respond. thanks!!