Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Single politicians

Food for the brain: Bharrat Jagdeo is not the only politician to have broken off with their wife in recent times.

Word is that the "Hope for our Nation" man, who authored several books and is the lone crusader on a mission to win the presidency, has divorced his wife some two years now.

Unlike Jagdeo who is rumored to now enjoy the company of his Tourism Minister at State House, this other politician has began searching for another woman and has been seen frequenting popular night spots during the night.

Additionally, unlike the girlish behaviour displayed by Jgadeo who took back vehicles and other necessities from his wife, this other politician's wife seems to be very pleased with the way things settled.

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  1. You haven't posted in a while and all of a sudden you come and bombard us with so many post. This will take some reading..