Thursday, April 03, 2008

Guyana alone not "Chasing" thiefing reporters


A former Caymanian politician and journalist was charged Wednesday with burglary, making false accusations, making a false report to police and intending to pervert the administration of public justice.

The burglary charge against Lyndon Martin relates to a break–in which police said occurred in the personal office of Cayman Net News publisher Desmond Seales. Investigators said Mr. Martin intended to steal documentation from the office during the alleged burglary.

Mr. Martin had worked at the Net News until his arrest on Thursday, according to Mr. Seales.

The other charges are related to false accusations police said Mr. Martin made against Mr. Seales. Police said the newspaper publisher and a deputy police commissioner, Anthony Ennis, were alleged to have shared confidential information and that the two were allegedly involved in a “corrupt relationship.”

Senior Investigating Officer Martin Bridger said Mr. Martin’s allegations were simply not true.

Mr. Martin faces five counts each of falsely accusing another of a crime, and of making a false report of the commission of an offence.

Neither he nor his attorney was reachable by press time.

“Making a false report to police is a serious offence,” read a statement issued by Mr. Bridger Wednesday morning. “It has the potential to cause serious personal and professional damage for those being falsely accused and it diverts police resources from other matters.”

In a court appearance Wednesday, Mr. Martin was refused bail on the charges and remanded to Northward Prison.


A former court reporter accused of stealing a camera from a woman was remanded to prison when he appeared at the Leonora Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.
Travis Chase, 21, of 80 Prince William Street, Plaisance pleaded not guilty to a charge of larceny from the dwelling house and was remanded to prison by Magistrate Fazil Azeez.
It is alleged that on March 22 at Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara, Chase stole from the dwelling of Anjanie Singh a digital camera valued at $120,000.

Reports are that Chase had been invited to partake in Phagwah celebrations by the virtual complainant at her home on that date but when he left it was noticed that the camera was missing. Subsequent investigations reportedly revealed that the accused had the item in his possession. The matter was reported and he was arrested and charged.

Attorney-at-law Lawrence Harris while not representing Chase told the court that he knew the defendant and Chase had worked as a court reporter for MTV Channel 65 News Update.

He said that he knew him to be of good behaviour and asked that he be admitted to bail.
Bail was refused and Chase was remanded to prison. He will return to court on April 24 at the Leonora Magistrate’s Court.

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  1. is whey poornarine find this one from? what a reporter! and a court reporter at that! he ain't know betta? or it could be that the man know that tv wonder and some of the other members of the Piss Piss Party thiefing and don't have to answer to anyone, and decided that if they can do it, he can also do it. but travis, REALITY: those people are above the law, they control the police, the DPP, the judicary,etc. wen yu like to thief instead of wukking for yu money, yu gat fu face the consequences.