Thursday, April 10, 2008

That KN website

More than six hours into the day and we are still to get an update from the KN website. The Guyana Chronicle with its limp website and the Stabroek News which has by far the most stunning and user friendly site, has already updated.

In this day and age when the internet is swiftly becoming a major marketing tool and source for information, Guyana is without a live updated news site and yet the KN with the widest circulation falls away on the world wide web.

We await the KN to bring us the usual archival news.


  1. i strongly agree with you. that is totally unacceptable from kaieteur news.even the skranicle does better than kaieteur news in this regard. and like the people over at kaieteur dont learn and are not listening to people. or is it that they want to improve the sales of the newspaper? glen lall should fire those responsible for their site or he should give them a stern much for 'guyana's #1 newspaper'!

  2. It's as thought they are all oblivious to the power of the web.