Thursday, April 03, 2008

Joint Services fire back

The Joint Services unequivocally refutes the article Two months on, no success for Joint Special Operations Group - allegations of drug use plaguing unit” as published in the Kaieteur News dated Tuesday April 01, 2008. The article is not only riddled with a number of spurious assertions, conveniently attributed to the ubiquitous “sources,” but has also engaged in an unabashed level of scurrility.

Assertions about ranks performing taxi duties, having females visiting their location, and being plagued by drug use are patently false and have no basis in fact.

There is absolutely no truth that four of the JSOG members have been tested positive for drugs. In the early stages of its formation one member tested positive for drugs and has been condignly disciplined. Erroneous too is the claim that a female Assistant Commissioner had cause to chase a number of women from the JSOG location. Assistant Commissioner Paulette Morrison who lives in an adjacent building flat, denies the allegation.

This level of yellow journalism by the Kaieteur News begs the question of, what is their motive. The Joint Services consider these comments irresponsible and unmistakably designed to stymie the relentless efforts by the Joint Special Operations Group (JSOG) and other troops mobilised and deployed to capture wanted criminals in wake of the Lusignan and Bartica killings.

Please be advised that ranks of JSOG have been resourced with appropriate kit and equipment and have so far conducted many intelligence led operations in several areas of the country.

Be also assured that the Joint Special Operations Group (JSOG), as with any Joint Services unit, has an effective command structure and all acts of indiscipline allegedly perpetrated by ranks will be thoroughly investigated and where necessary disciplinary measures taken.

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