Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Media critic asleep.

"HAITI, the most recent member of CARICOM, plans to make a first time appearance in the Caribbean Festival of Arts (Carifesta) X by showcasing its most unique and astonishing culture." Today's Guyana Chronicle.

Guyana360: Technically, Haiti joined CARICOM in July 2002, but CARICOM severed ties with the island following the ouster of Jean Bertrand Aristide by the US Government.

However, CARICOM resumed full relations with Haiti after the return of democracy following elections. So you folks at Guyana Chronicle, Haiti was the last to join CARICOM, but can 2002 be considered in the context of "most recent". It is not 2007 or 2006, it's 2002. We believe that your reporter is confusing the region's re-engagement with Haiti as against the island's entry into CARICOM.

The folks over at Livinguyana have been consumed by the nonsense that passes as journalism in Guyana. They now post one a day. A post a day will not keep the media honest.

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  1. Imran Khan,the 'owner' of the Living Guyana blog is currently in T&T working for the West Indies team, so one 'Antagonist' is running the show. I really feel that Imran should find someone esle to take over Living Guyana when he is not around, because 'Antagonist' is not up to scratch. For a Blog that attacks and embarrasses media workers, the recent postings by antagonist is atrocious! For instance,(1)under the heading 'Capitalist Socialist Labaria', our friend Antagonist used the word 'share' instead of 'sheer',(2)under the heading 'humour or Contempt?', the man used 'there' instead of 'their'(...from how 'there' superiors..)(3)he cannot spell 'theifing',(his way of spelling the word-'thieving') and under the heading 'Whatever happened?', he asked: Whatever happened to the clearing 'to' the backlands?', shouldn't it be 'whatever happened to the clearing 'of' the backlands? It is no wonder that Imran has to approve the comments to that blog himself, before they are published. Clearly, Imran has recognised that 'Antagonist' is not up to scratch. When the test match in T&T is completed and Imran is back, then people will see their comments being published, but in the interim, there will be no comments!