Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cerful Greene

SN Reporrts: Law enforcement officials are tracing around a dozen vehicles - mainly Toyota Tundras and Nissan Titans - as they believe these were purchased with proceeds from the drug trade and shipped here from the US over the last eight months.
Sources say this latest inquiry is part of an expanding probe into the drug trade which has gained momentum in recent weeks following seizures in the US and Canada of drug shipments which originated in Guyana.

>>>We boi Greene wants to impress the US people so he going after the drug empire. But we must warn him that the empire runs high and pockets deep. The empire is protected and never neglected by those in power. The empire is powerful and will use every dirty trick in the book to drum up enough pressure against you. The empire has seen to your appointment now more than ever, you had better be careful if you want to stay on the job pass the age of retirement. Lastly Mr. Commissioner, the empire has the power to track you down and the means to run your career into the ground. Take heed!!!

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