Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why do we trust reporters?...where is Mr. GMC?

Dear Editor,

Some time on Saturday, 14th February, 2009, I was asked by you to give a comment on the association with the Government and Michael Brassington Jnr., who your newspaper had reported as having information on as being involved in the negotiation in the purchase of two derelict Bell 206 helicopters, and whose father you had reported had ties with Oleg Derispaska of Russia.
Indeed, my short comment to you was that “the Government of Guyana has an aptitude for dealing with unholy characters”. I even named a number of them, including Bernard Kerik. Moreover, I did advise that an investigation into what other negotiations may have been entered into must be conducted, and that in future the government must be cautious to check the credibility and credentials of such negotiators.
Very importantly, I acted exclusively on the premise that your reports that Michael Brassington Jnr. was indeed involved in the negotiations for the purchase of the two helicopters were authentic and accurate.
Again, I acted on the premise that your information that his father was in close contact with Russian oligarch Oleg Derispaska was authentic and accurate.
I have now learnt that both these reports and information about these Brassingtons are without foundation, wholly inaccurate and without any authenticity. They may be more referable to another Brassington, in whose interest this whole affair may have been conceived to create a diversion. I wish to forthwith disconnect the remarks I had made from Michael Brassington Jnr. and Snr., but maintain that indeed this government has an aptitude for dealing with unholy characters. Whatever harm and damage I may have caused the Brassingtons, I wholly regret and sincerely apologise for.

Khemraj Ramjattan

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