Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two face Manickchand

Stabroek News: Over the last weekend, three women were killed, highlighting the stark reality that violence against women continues to be a big problem in spite of government interventions. During a telephone interview with Stabroek News yesterday, Manickchand admitted that the number of deaths has risen and she pleaded with women to get help or get out of the relationship in which they are abused.

She said that in addition to the ministry, help could also be sought from partner agencies such as Help and Shelter, Red Thread, other women’s organisations and churches. She added that help could also be sought from the Legal Aid Clinic which has been set up in six of the ten administrative regions and the police. Manickchand said that while there have been complaints in the past about police inaction, she has noticed that the force is now responding to reports. However, there is still room for improvement on the part of the police, she stated.

>>>Is this the same Minister that said the issue of the former 'First Lady' being abused is a private matter. Abuse is private eh Hon. Minister, now you telling women to seek help. You talk a good bubbly pot of crap and boi how you serving it up to the ordinary Guyanese.


  1. Manick obviously is one of the many puppet on a string that Jagdeo controls . So in order to continue to get a daily bread she has to do what she has to do

  2. Come to think of it, if i was Manick i think that i would have been on the next flight outta this country but thats after i was through bashing Jagdeo left, right and center.

    I heard that when you get in the dude's path and he finds you he victimizes you big time.So i would have tell him off and use my powers highlight his breach, then beat out.