Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mashed up mash???

Let us know how you are preparing for MASH if at all.


  1. Listen this man Jagdeo probably has PCP Pneumonia, it is caused by picking up a virus in enclosed environments such as maybe a plane - look at all the travelling he doing. His immune system is probably compromised from some other illness - just look at his weight loss, and his face has fallen with deep circles under the eyes......HIV?

  2. My plans are simple 360 i'm glad that you asked

    1. Awake @ 2pm.

    2. Soak my body...1hr shower from head to toe, eat and then sleep.

    3. Awake again then call someone ( while i'm baking a cake or something sweet) to laugh abt something weird i saw on ch.11 and state clearly that its a waste of time to go clubbing/ T-pain because the places will be packed and i might instantly develop claustrophobia.

    where was i ? o yes 4.Iron my clothes for the next couple of days..

    5. Sleep.

    whats your plans?