Saturday, February 28, 2009

Livinguyana has been removed...RIP

We will certainly miss them, at least until they resurface under another blog name.


  1. As i have said in liveinguyana's blog,
    a blog can be created as easily as it can be deleted.

  2. What is taking the creation of a new blog so long. Come on folks. Fight the system. looks like we will be relying on 360 and a few others for the time being.

    Kwame and his Liveinguyana blog can suck my gits or maybe he would love to do so. come kwame, I have some grits for u to suck on.

  3. Raptus, you weren't part of that old blog? Were u?

  4. Dear Anon,
    I hate it when ppl ask me questions when they know what my response will be. Come on you must have a brain. Considering the circumstances do you really think that i would give you the answer you hope for?