Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Extra, Extra, Extra...Read all about the Wanted

"Black Knight" and "Wild Indian"

Hot off the press of the Police Public Relations Department, a Wanted Bulletin penned by Ivelaw "I know the law" Whittaker. According to unPolice sources, a $50 reward is offered for their successful capture and claim of responsibility for the hundreds of senseless killings.

All de time we thought was "Fineman", but it was these two phuckers.


  1. look at dem 2 phucking bandits da nuh? ow skunt, why dem 2 fucking crasses demdis can't left guyana alone? this will be a far betta place without BUGdeo (BUGger start wid 'BUG' right? and CriminalBIN. dem two freaks da is satan pickney dem. no doubt about dat. SHAME PON DE 2 AH DEM AND DEM MEMBERS

  2. well what can i say bout this image, is that may they are right about Black Knight he and his party are behing these crims they support the criminals. why were did scared to debt on the lusigana masscare why were they scared to clear the back land the PNC have so much to hide its amazing the lenght they will go to just to get back in power. the GOG and Jagdeo is doin their best for this country i see no other party doin any thing other than complaning how much a back job the GOG is doing.

    this is my word association
    PNC= promting nuff crime relentlessly

    PPP= poor people path to progresses and comfort

    AFC= alway fighting collagues

    JFA=jackasses fools and Puppets

    GAP=gay and proud

  3. PPP-Poor People Punishing unprecedentedly