Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nandlall plays the President's fiddle

In all the dictatorship moves by this Government, this one takes the cake. President Bharrat Jagdeo sent Anil Nandllall as an emissary to meet with Oliver Hinckson at the Camp Street prison. This is unheard of in any democracy and shows clearly that Hinckson, who is awaiting another court hearing, is a political prisoner of the state. The police, which is an extension of the state governed by the PPP/C, has deliberately delayed the hearing of Hinckson's case because the file was still with the Acting DPP.

In one twisted turn of events, on Mash day, the President sent his chief legal henchman to negotiate a truce with Hinckson, who is being held on trumped up charges because he expressed views on the two horrific shootings.

Clearly, the President wants a personal showdown with Hinckson. It was the President who figured Hinckson in the killings without the police having the requisite evidence.

And it was the President who unleashed his public relations henchman, Robert Persaud (MBA) to ridicule Corbin weeks before the last elections after a published photo of Corbin and Hinckson shaking hands.

We here at Guyana360 look forward to hearing through the media what was the offer made by the President through Nandlall.

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  1. how yu think nandalall gon get position bro? the man gat fu forget about integrity and self-respect to be a big one in the Piss Piss Party. also, a lil balls-licking na gon hurt his cause.