Thursday, March 13, 2008

Truth hurts blog responders

When a man speaks the truth on TV, the Government blog responders jump up and try to tarnish the individual. Below is a letter in today's Chronicle penned by someone named Jean, but the truth really hurts!!!

Teaching hatred and bitterness

The programme last evening of ‘Walter Rodney groundings’ (as all others) hosted by Deon Abrams has left me wondering about the hatred that has overcome this individual who holds himself to be an educator.

Mr. Deon Abrams is a teacher by profession. That is the reason why I find it hard to follow his totally twisted line of reasoning. I would, as a parent, have a serious difficulty with him teaching or having any sort of influence over my child.

While I would agree that persons should be allowed to express their political opinions without prejudice to their enjoyment of the basic freedoms, what Mr. Abrams and Trotman did on that programme cannot be considered political. They are teaching hatred and bitterness.

They dealt with the murder of Mary King last evening and the impression they gave was that Ms King was murdered by the Security Forces to ‘get at Fine Man’.

Secondly, they were purporting the same theory that the Leader of the PNCR Robert Corbin gave, which is that the Security Forces were taking instructions from the political directorate to arrest and harass PNCR activists.

This sort of programme leads to all sorts of antisocial behaviour in youths. They listen to the programmes and feel cheated and fail to take the positive opportunities available to them. They create the ‘Fine Man and Blackies’ of our society.

The programme went into all sorts of subversive discussions on the wrongs of the arrest of Oliver Hinckson. I am of the view that Deon Abrams is putting himself up to be a martyr. He deliberately says things to create the impression that he can achieve some political objective. What he does not realise is that democratic political battles are not fought and won with guns and bombs; they are fought and won through the ballot.

History has shown that good always overcome evil; light overcomes darkness and love overcomes hatred. Let peace reign! Not war!


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