Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Image of the day (ripped from Providence Stadium blog)


  1. thank you Phucking Phucked-up Party (PPP) FOR MAKING US STARVE TO DEATH!

  2. ok then. u ppl are forget food demain on the world market has increased. it not the GOG fault that prises have increased. every where in the world food supplies are increased every day. and ppl dn't blam VAT. every where in the wold poverty is a problem do u think Guyana would be better of under the PNC. Observer if the GOG gives u a chance to run this nation u'll make it fall to the ground like the PNC did.

    u guy blame the GOG for every thing
    - the water flood low line areas blam the GoG

    -cow eat out all the grass blame the GOG

    -Global warming Blame the GOG

    -Killings by Fineman Blame the GOG

    -too much shit on the road Blame he GOG

    have u ppl no shame

  3. the point is that the members of the Piss Piss Party are filling their pockets with our money! they are getting off eventhough the the evidence is over-whelming.why can't they implement policies that will benefit the poor and hard-working people of this country? how many investments have we seen under the Piss Piss Party? why does VAT has to be 16%? poor people want food in their pots!we don't want hear no fancy talks, we want action, action that will ultimately benefit the guyanese people.and whose responsibility is it to ensure that the drainage is impeccible? especially with a pump that cost $80-+ million.whose responsibility is it to kill or apprehend Fineman? it certainly ain't mine, cause i don't get paid for that.and are you a paid balls-licker out of geena?