Thursday, March 06, 2008

SASOD fights back

SASOD sent us this response because we chose to scold them for their silence on matters such as abuse of children. Accepting submissions from SASOD is counterproductive . SASOD is part of the problem to the break down of morals in this Guyanese society.


  1. hilarious! u think fighting for an end to discrimination against guyanese citizens 'counter-productive' and a 'breakdown of morals'??? obviously your moral compass is off point and given that fact i now consider any further reading of your skewed opinions counterproductive for me!

  2. hey, hey, hey who ever is behind this blog is correct. When we look to promote men sleeping with men and women with women, then we have a break down in society. Our laws do not promotes same sex unions hence your arguments cannot stand. You present your views, but you must not take offense when someone else presents a different view based on legal arguments.