Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The real McCoy

"McCoy was adamant that the decision to withdraw the ads from the Stabroek News was a decision taken by Cabinet for all government advertisements to be placed in two dailies for economic reasons and the RDCs could not supersede Cabinet's authority since the RDC was created as an extension of Cabinet.

Up to that point, the government's position was that the cut-off of ads to SN was decided at the level of GINA. Hours after the press briefing, McCoy telephoned Stabroek News to say that he had erred at the press briefing when he said that the decision to withdraw the ads was taken by Cabinet. Instead he said it was a GINA decision."

Guyana360: We knew sooner rather than later the truth will be revealed about the decision to punish the leading "Independent" daily newspaper, by withdrawing Government advertisement from the pages of truth, fairness and balance. Wasn't he the same guy that put up billboards all over the place congratulating the President and identified him as the man that won the maritime boundary award against Suriname?

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  1. dis antiman like he na get bugga for a long time now. she dey pon she nerves yu know, she batty ah bite. she batty ah whistle. she really want the buddy.fyah pon you, yu batty man.