Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Warning, Warning, Warning!!!

CGID warns that retaliatory executions in Guyana could ignite racial flare-up

The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has condemned the execution of Marcyn King, a sister of Rondell Rawlins, a.k.a "Fineman," who Guyana Police say is wanted in connection with a number of serious crimes, including the recent Lusignan and Bartica massacres. CGID is warning that such racially driven retaliatory killings could lead to racial disturbances, if the revolving door of killings is not brought to an immediate halt.

The Institute said that King's murder is an unquestionable retaliation against allegations which the government has made against her brother, without putting forth any prima facie evidence. "It is abhorrent that, again under the PPP government, Guyana has returned to murder for hire and mercenaries are willing to once more target family members of persons they have been commissioned to kill. This is an unfortunate return of Ronald Gajraj's Phantom death squad era," the Institute said.

Forewarning that violence begets more violence, the Institute cautioned that the charged, provocative rhetoric emanating from the government has been spawning calls for the return of former National Security Minister, Ronald Gajraj, who was forced to resign over allegations that he directed a Phantom death squad operation, and of US indicted drug accused Roger Khan.

The Institute noted that the intent is to create a revolving door environment of attacks and counter attacks, in which the innocent will suffer most. It contended that no one race will benefit or overcome this scenario and none of the instigators on either side may survive.

CGID President Rickford Burke took a swipe at the Jagdeo administration, accusing it of "attempting to coerce the Police to portray Afro-Guyanese leaders as linked to crime." He observed that this was part of a crusade to appease its base. "This baseless theory engenders further racial polarization and invokes racial fears. The result is these types of retaliatory attacks, a circumstance that is part of that party's legacy of political violence," Burke said.

He said the nation must assess who stands to benefit most from the execution of King and express extreme condemnation. He added that "the government's statement on King's murder rings hollow as it has not recently condemned the killing of "non-constituents." Their expressions at this time are curious and tend to strain credulity. We must be wary of any kind of posturing and empty rhetoric. The question on which we wish to hear from the government is: where is the comprehensive crime fighting plan?" the CGID President said.

Burke said that Kings execution vindicates his letter to Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago advising that he ensures that the resources his government has provided to Guyana to help fight crime is not siphoned off to Phantom Death Squads with alleged ties to the government, such as the Gajraj Phantom squad.

"In light of these new developments, I again call on Prime Minister Manning to ensure that the resources of Trinidad and Tobago are not used to enhance the criminal enterprise of elements who are ensconced in officialdom; who by day "talk" about fighting crime but direct mercenary missions by night," the CGID head stressed.

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