Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Byron Lee Alive!!!

“Dear All: Our dad is very much alive. Since Tuesday afternoon, we have been bombarded with emails, calls, faxes etc, re: a rumour which started in Canada that my Dad passed way at 4 am.

This news is also now being circulated in the USA, Jamaica and the Caribbean. Not true. Please circulate this mail to everyone that he is very much ALIVE and is bravely fighting. He has been bossing all of us around, and as usual, getting his own way (with our pleasure).

Please keep him in your prayers and continue to send him much love and hope. Don't give up on him.

Thanks again for your love and concern, Deanna, Julianne, Danielle, Edward John, Byron Jr., Judy and Sheila.”

Guyana360: We apologise to the children, other relatives, friends and fans of the well-known musician for the misleading report.

1 comment:

  1. He is dead now thoa.
    Rip. byron lee.