Friday, November 28, 2008

Gibson was way ward gang member

Bleow is a police press statement issued today on the killing of three men including James Gibson, who is known as "Gibbo". It is belived that after several key members of the infamous gBuxton/Agricola gang were killed, especially gang leader, Rondell "Fineman" Rawlins, the remaining gang members were made to fend for themselves.

November 28, 2008
News Editors,

Acting upon information received concerning the activities of three men suspected to be ‘pirates’, about 0630h. this morning police ranks went to the Cromarty Foreshore, Corentyne.

On approaching the area, the police ranks came under fire from the three men and returned fire. During the exchange of gunfire Police Constable 18682 Oslyn Glasgow was fatally shot and the three men were shot and killed.

So far, one of them has been identified as James Gibson who was on bail on a matter of possession of firearm without licence before the Courts in Berbice, after he was found with a firearm that was stolen from the Police Outpost at Rosehall, Corentyne, which had been attacked by armed gunmen.

He was also later jointly charged with Oliver Hinckson, again for possession of firearm without licence, and was also on bail in this matter which is before the Georgetown Courts. He was not attending court in these matters and arrest warrants had been issued for him.

The police recovered three firearms and a quantity of ammunition at the scene, as listed below:

a) Two AK-47 rifles
b) One 12 gauge pump-action shotgun
c) Seven AK-47 magazines
d) 178 rounds 7.62 x 39 ammunition
e) Fourteen (14) 12 gauge cartridges
f) 28 rounds .30 ammunition
g) 17 rounds .40 ammunition
h) 6 rounds .45 ammunition
i) 1 round 9mm. ammunition

One of the AK-47 rifles has been identified as being one of those stolen from the GDF.
Photographs of Constable Oslyn Glasgow and the arms and ammunition recovered are attached.

Meanwhile, the body of fisherman Hector Boodhoo, 57 years of Rose Hall, Corentyne, was found tied to a tree at the Port Mourant Foreshore about 0550h. today. The body bore marks of violence to the head.

It was reported that Hector Boodhoo was in the area at the Rose Hall Foreshore, Corentyne, during the armed robbery committed on fisherman Bishan Motilall by three armed men yesterday (press release sent yesterday) and was kidnapped by the three perpetrators while making their escape.

The boat and engine stolen from Bishan Motilall were recovered at Cromarty Foreshore this morning.

Ivelaw Whittaker
Public Relations and Press Officer

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