Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No luck for memebers of Taps family

Remember that big bad, ghetto fabulous bad man from Albouystown that was gunned down a few years back. OK! you forgot. His street name was Taps. It seems as if the saying 'the evil that men do will live after them' is certainly proving true judging from the number of Taps' family that died by the gun or by some mysterious way.

The murder of Taps' nephew in Suriname smells fishy and we bet that by tomorrow, we are going to hear about the incident being linked to guns and/or cocaine. Come on reporters get to digging for a link between this killing and the gunning down of that clothes vendor.


  1. Propaganda at most! Mixed with speculation or conjecture. It's no wonder this blog site is so poorly rated and people hardly comment here as compared to Living Guyana. Troy King/Garraway a.k.a Sicky is in no way related to Taps or his family. Rather, he is the step-son of former Target Squad member Sergeant Eon Smith a.k.a Gangster! And he was previously in prison in Guyana for the murder of a senior citizen on Laing Avenue after he fired shots at his former colleague whom he had a falling out with. It was also reported previously in Cayenne that he was fingered in the murder of another Guyanese in French Guiana.