Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guyana Government scams and more

Probably the most disgusting piece of news we have heard about this corrupt and inept Government led by Bharrat Jagdeo has just surfaced.

Well placed Government officials who belive that the administration has overstepped the mark, have leaked information to Guyana360 which suggest that there are wicked moves to block Robert Badal from buying Pegasus.

Badal is well known Guyanese businessman who owns Guyana Stockfeed, a company that the Government doesnt like too much. There are widespread speculations that Badal had even purchased the hotel.

Pegasus recently went under a new management team. A share purchase agreement for the sale of the hotel was reportedly executed some time last month, between an overseas-based company, of which Badal is the principal and Starman.

According to an article in today's SN, Bert Plas, now former general manager, previously confirmed that discussions for the sale and upgrading of the hotel were underway but stopped short of saying there had been a deal.

Shortly afterwards, Badal had indicated to Stabroek News that a group of businessmen out of Miami had signed a letter of intent with the owners of Le Meridien Pegasus for the purchase of the hotel but he had said that no deal was concluded.

Guyana360 is certain that the owners were ready to push the deal foward until the Government moved in to block it.

What is very interesting is the Government's continued interference in matters as a means to protect its supporters.

Let's fan away the smoke for a minute.

The Government wants to ensure that the hotel under construction next to the Pegasus is assured of any investments. In a free market system, one does not expect Govarnment to be dabbling in the affairs of the private sector.

Why is the Government doing so? Just recently, the Government rewarded Captain Gerry Gouveia Guivea quite handsomely by selling him the Duke Lodge opposite the US embassy for what can be considered a straw.

Now there are plans to put Odinga Lumumba office up for sale so Gerry can buy it and exand the hotel. Not bad for Gerry, who is struggling as hell to keep his airline service in the air.

But, how many people knew that Duke Logde exisited and that Govt had owned it? Not too many.

How could Gerry get such a sweet deal when the hotel is worth US$1.5, but only paid approximately $500k.

More to come on this story.

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  1. How can one contact Robert Badal?