Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Internet Cafes ban

The AP reports...Guyana plans to close hundreds of Internet cafes that it accuses of bypassing the telephone company system to offer cheap international calls.

The Revenue Authority accuses them of tax evasion because they do not charge sales tax or other fees for calls made through alternative phone providers like Skype, Vonage and Packet8.
The agency says cafes are multiplying so fast that "their collective impact on the national revenue is too significant to ignore."

It says callers who use Digicel and the U.S.-owned Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co. account for 16 percent of sales tax revenues. GTT spokeswoman Allison Parker praised the move on Wednesday and said the agency has long complained about the cafes' effect on revenue.

Guyana360: Hope the Government quickly lifts the monoply on international calls and stop the raping by GT&T.


  1. I am an american who red this article and was appalled that in times of world economic despair people are seeking out cheap or even free means to communicate with the world and the Guyana gov't and the GTT are so selfish and so greedy that they have to get their sticky hands on every dollar it can. It's sickening and oppressive to an already poor country.

  2. I think the guyana telecommunication companies is very selfish to do such a think. people have to live. people should have choice, but in guyana the big one want to live and th epoor one must die. that is why guyana can never get good.