Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Piggot's mother should shut her pie hole

The man’s mother, Ena Piggott, told Stabroek News that her son was a taxi driver and that “anybody could put thing in the car”.

“We hear since yesterday [Monday] what the police say and we ent believe but we have to go with the flow and go on living,” one of the man’s sisters added.

Guyana 360: What is this woman talking about. She really blinded by the blood of her son. Sorry to dissapoint you madame, but that little dougla son you raised, got into vending then started hustling on the side. The money and fancy things he gave you was not from his vending sales. It was from his hustling business. You sound so fucking stupid trying to clear you fucking son name.

Yes, we have grown accustom to the cry by all you mothers...he was a good boy, a wonderful son and he did nothing wrong, its just the police and the government trying to frame my child. We had enough of that Mrs. Piggot. Just bury your fucking son and allow the police to do their work.

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