Sunday, November 23, 2008

Freddie's Jealous Monsters Burst Out

As a columist, one should try to keep their personal feelings out of the public domain. But try telling that to dear old Feddie Kissoon, a tormented UG lecturer. His Column on VS Naipaul in today's KN is proof that Kissoon's sick and tormented monsters are driving him straight to an ancient facility in Berbice.

Obviously we the readers can easily trace streaks of jealousy in Kissoon's writing on Naipaul.

There is one thing to be jealous, but another to be jealously obsessed. Kissoon is the latter. He admires the man's writings, but he is jealous of Naipaul's acheivements, yet obsessed over his share popularity. For this we would have to agree with the current Government that Freddie is a lunatic. If you read his column, you soon learn that Freddie is far from reality when he speaks of how he could have spoken to Naipaul about his personality mix up, but the botton line remains that Freddie never did.

In his personal attack which he passess off as critique, Kissoon touched on Naipaul's treatment of women and this we too have problems with. However, we were shaken and fearful that Kissoon even had the "balls" to talk about another earthly creature's treatment of women.

For years, Kissoon has been at the heart of sexual misconduct charges at the University for exploiting young and voluptuous female students who want to improve their grades.

Society can blame the women just as Freddie is blaming Naipaul's wife for sticking abuse for years. Kissoon should have known better than to take advantage of those UG students. We are not talking about senior adult male treatment to a younger female. We belive that since Freddie basks in philosophical teachings, he should have used the oppertunties to teach the young girls about working academically, not sexually, to acheive good grades.

Thanks in part to his sickening beliefs, there are women leaving university beliving that they can get anything with sexual favours. Freddie and the Government are sitting comfortably on their shared throne of corrpution, both exploiting their authority to grant favours to persons who treat them well.

Oh Freddie has overstepped his boundaries. Probably Adam Harris who vents his vexation about men preying on young girls need not look to far when he begins gathering data of sexual molestations in Guyana. Seek out that Green RAV 4 with the unique PK number plates. Hope its not parked on the seawalls like it was last week.

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