Thursday, November 27, 2008

OP shaking, McCoy shitting his pants as info leaked to Guyana360

Following our exclusive publication of this interview conducted by Kwame Mc Coy with Minister Jeffery, OP has launched an investigation to determine who may have leaked the transcript to Guyana 360.

Mc Coy is already facing the heat because he failed to get the Minister to slam Kaieteur News and barely managed to squeeze Jeffery into saying that he wanted out of Cabinet for some years now. Mc Coy is already being blamed for the release of the information as a means to get even with some OP staffers.

Mc Coy was sent by the President to get Jeffery to praise him (Bharrat) and that did not happen. The President is still fuming that Mc Coy failed to achieve the desired objectives during the interview. Now OP is reviewing the contents of the interview and was considering not to play it up too much, but now all of that is lost as it has been released for public consuption by us.

Just maybe, just maybe we would like to find out here and now from Mc Coy if he is seeking a diplomatic post.

We understand that he recently made it onto the firing list after screwing up on several occassions. It was Mc Coy who authorised the setting up of billboards that showered praises on Bharrat Jagdeo as the sole reason for Guyana's victory in the dispute with Suriname over maritime boundaries.

An embarrased Jagdeo pointed him out to media folks as the culprit who wasted tax payers dollars in setting up the billboards.

There is a school of thought among some OP staff, including Gail Tiexiera over Mc Coy's presence in certain key decision processes.

One can easily reacll Mc Coy's flirtation with guns when it was reportered that he and a Guyana Times reporter tried to solicit sex from a group of men. For his polished ghettoness, some persons close to Bharrat Jagdeo is urging that he be fired.

However, the weighty decision of Dr. Roger Luncheon is against Mc Coy being sacked based on the fact that Mc Coy has put his life on the line by hosting talk shows on NTN during a time when opposition fury was ripe. Luncheon believes that the PPP/C must repay Mc Coy.


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