Friday, January 04, 2008

Agro – Tourism

Hear he, here he, hear he…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kings, Queens and In-betweens lend me your ears…

Today it gives me extreme pleasure to introduce the newest addition to our tourism calendar. Our industry is growing and we have seen plenty tours in our capital…I just saw a tour bus of about 300 park up at campsite with a flat tire. It looks as if those touring our garbage capital were from some Primary school in Corentyne.

But let us not get too excited with our tourism prospects just yet because the event I will unveil shortly will rattle the tourism industry regionally and will have far reaching implications for our residents along the backlands who will have to prepare for the large influx of tourists.

All hi5, yahoo and face book experts brace your self.

During 2008, sometime around December we plan to have a large expedition as part of efforts to diversify our tourism sector.

Some countries boast of blue-water tourism, others bask in sandy beaches, but we will introduce Agro-tourism.

Yes folks!!! Every year we will arrange a tour to accompany Minister Robert Montgomery Persaud to the East Demerara Water Conservancy.

Timing is important and all depends on the slightest drizzle.

Minister Persaud has been making the trips with a few reporters just to check the water level. There was no need for that…it was a waste of financial resources, so we in the tourism sector had to find a valid reason for Persaud’s expensive trips to the EDWC. So we assembled this tourism package.

Whilst there tourists can take a pontoon ride up the EDWC or take a ride in one of the hymacs specially used by the Minister for photo opportunities.

Tourists can also interact with the locals and learn about life on the EDWC…we have more plans. Stay tuned.

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