Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mass protest stopped...Rumors continue

Police fired tear gas to break up a peaceful march making its way to the city this morning. Police in full battle gear, fired at the crowd which included women, children and members of the media corps. Police also fired shots in the air, but it is unclear if live rounds were used.

At least 7 persons were injured during the incident.

The march started off from Annandale, just outside the troubled village of Buxton sometime after 10 this morning. The protesters only made it as far as BV.

There are lots of rumors being peddled across Guyana even at this time, 3:20 p.m, there are reports that bandits are holed up in South Ruimveldt in a shootout with police. Subsequent checks proved this to be a hoax.

Then there was another rumor today that sent shivers down the spine of many..."Fineman" girl was found dead. Her body was picked up along the Linden Highway. Police said this was just another hoax similar to another , which stated that the girl's body was found was found in the Botanical Gardens.

More Rumors...There is also another report which stated that "Fineman" is planning a revenge attack for a talk show host who was gunned down on January 31. We cannot confirm this as a hoax since tomorrow is actually January 31. We will wait and see.

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  1. From what I know the march was illegal as there was no police permission. The security forces have dispelled all these rumors. And in any situation of terrorism, we are bound to see rumors all over the place. Our job as good citizens is to identify rumors from facts because this is the only way we can bring healing to Guyana and unity to this great country.