Friday, January 04, 2008

Our will be done

Some people have wish lists and New Year resolutions but we have a will for 2008. After you read our will please feel free to email us your will.

Will Robert Montgomery Persaud (MBA) stop imitating President Jagdeo?

Will Ramnaresh Sarwan remain captain of the West Indies Team?

Will Natasha Waldron get her promised Government post?

Will Gordon Moesely make it to CBS?

Will West Indies win a test match this year?

Will the church robberies cease?

Will Roger Khan come home for Christmas?

Will torture stop or will bread and roof over head continue to be of concern?

Will NCN continue to show African movies?

Will Peter Ramsaroop self-destruct?

Will Hamilton Greene, Roger Luncheon and Janet Jagan see the end of the year?

Will Varshnie Jagdeo be seen seated at the back of a rusty Enmore minibus on her way to see family?

Will GINA Ghost writers stop filling Guyana Chronicle letter pages?

Will Hits and Jams TV return to a proper TV station?

Will the radio monopoly end?

Will the $400 million home for street people be built?

Will Stanley Ming join the AFC?

Will Deborah Backer and James McAllister remain MPs?

Will GMC add some life to his dreary blog?

Will Timeka Marshall record her first album?

Will real tourists ever come to Guyana?

Will KN revamp its website?

Will Minister Killaman Lall tell the truth?

Will Stabroek News reclaim Government ads?

Will Minister Manniram Prashad stop quoting from the President’s speech made at the opening of Parliament?

Will the President hold a media dinner anytime soon?

Will SASOD take to the streets demanding legalization of homosexuality?

Will Robert Corbin cross the floor?

Will President Jagdeo announce a third term plan?

Will Guyana get another world boxing champion?

Will the mayhem on our roads stop?

Will Adam Harris return to the Guyana Chronicle?

Will the WPA rise from the ashes?

Will the PNCR take to the streets as promised last year?

Will Bernard Kerik return to Guyana?

Will President Jagdeo admit to the nation his affair with numerous young women, his continued pursuits and his love for a former television personality?

Will Sam Hinds resign and move with his wife to the United States?

Will Odinga live to walk properly and continue his molestation of Pageant contestants?

Will Buxton be freed of criminal elements?

Will Robert Persaud stay out the media for one day?

Will some Guyanese lady bring home a Miss. World or Universe crown?

Will Odinga pay his performers without having to pawn his vehicle?

Will the AFC die a natural death?

Will First Born produce another album without any remixed track?

Will one Guyanese think of not migrating?

Will the cow jump over the moon?

Will Mark Benschop continue the struggle as promised?

Will CN Sharma pronounce “because” properly?

Will Moses Nagamootoo be chosen to lead his party to a promised victory at the polls?

Will Minister Rohee make any sense during debates in Parliament this year?

Will Enrico Woolford get to stop reporting that there have been no major drug arrests here?

Will any of these things happen? Who knows….?

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