Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mail Trail...PPP responsibility

My condolences goes out to the families of the 11 slain Lusignan residents that were brutally killed. Eventhough shocking, the incident was somehow not surprising. For sometime now, political opinionators have sounded the alarm that Guyana was sitting on a powder-cake. They expressed concern that unless the Government addressed the strong perception of disenfranchisement by certain segment of the population and a slew of social injustices, a revolt was very eminent.

The PPP since coming into office has consistently manipulated race relations for political mileage and shamelessly seized upon the deaths of the Lusignan residents to inject racial and political strife. It was extremely disapointing to see President Jagdeo take the path of the divider instead of uniting the nation during this horific event. True to his character, the president on national airways made slanderous and baseless comments with the intention of impugning the character of a recently retired GDF top brass. This type of malicious behaviour has come to be a trademark of President Jagdeo and is unbecoming of a head of state.

The PPP has been implicated in a number of scandalous activities and some argue that their involvement in the killings of the Lusignan residents to cast blame on the opposition should not be ruled out. The motive would be to distract attention from the torture allegations that the party is facing and to put the spot-light on the opposition party.

Berkeley Van Bowen

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